Bernard delights the audience with her sassy spitfire attitude and gets to the heart of every matter be it through humor or heavy emotions. – TheatreBloom.com

Hi! My name is Jana Bernard and I am an actress, singer, dancer, and comedian.

Growing up in the theater, I have always felt ‘at home’ on the stage. It has consistently been an imaginative playground to me; a place for me to explore different time periods, new occupations, and various personalities. Acting allows me to walk in someone else’s shoes, giving me insight into lives far different from my own. My aim is to passionately present my characters in a way that authentically tells their story. Take a look at my résumé to see whose shoes I’ve stepped into in the past!

Jana will be performing Stand Up at Broadway Comedy Club August 21st at 9pm with Comedy Central and HBO comedians! Click this link to get your tickets now